Cornerstone Bible Institute

Tuition & Fees


** All payments for tuition and fees need to be mailed to the below address: **

Payment Mailing Address:

Cornerstone Bible Institute
92 Coursen Place
Staten Island, NY 10304

Enrollment & Registration Fee

All students are required to pay a $500.00 down payment. This fee covers the total cost of registration, enrollment and the student’s first month tuition payment.

Tuition Financing

Cornerstone Bible Institute is an institution of biblical and theological study. CBI offers students the ability to pursue their studies in a course-by-course manner, alleviating excessive financial strain.

Payment plans

Due to the low cost of tuition offered for our degree programs CBI only offers 12-month payment plans for all degree programs. All tuition is due by the first of each month. Students who are more than 30 days late paying their tuition will be dropped from their degree program. The cost of materials is included in the tuition cost listed below. All coursework and exams are sent via email.

  • Associates Degree:   $1,200.00 ($100 per month)
  • Bachelor’s Degree:   $1,500.00 ($125.00 per month)
  • Masters Degree:   $2,000.00 ($166.67 per month)
  • Doctorate Degree:   $2,300.00 ($191.67.00 per month)

* Students who pay their tuition in full upfront will be given a 5% discount off of the total amount of their tuition *

Spousal Discount

Married couples who enroll together will receive a $200.00 discount that may be applied toward the total cost of their tuition.

Other Fees

  • Graduation Fee: $50.00
  • Transcript Fee: $10.00
  • Custom Frame: $100.00
  • Dissertation and Thesis Fee: $100.00